Monster B Gone

Are monsters keeping you or your loved ones up at night?Having trouble with the monster in the closet,  under the bed, or in dark corners?  MonstersBGone spray removes all types of monsters from closet mongers to corner lurkers, guaranteed.
monster exterminator spray

Eliminates all monster types including:

All Zombie types including living dead, and not quite dead.
The ones that you can feel behind you but never quite get a glimpse of.
Known to come up through bathroom drains and lurk in dark, wet locations.
The tickle you feel on your leg or feet under the blankets are commonly Slitherers.
20 Toe Zoul
Most dangerous of all, we take the bite out of all 76 varieties of Biter monsters.
Usually harmless but can be somewhat of a nuisance when trying to sleep.
Usuall smelled and not seen, common aroma of sweaty week old socks.
All ghost types including ghouls, poltergeists, and residual haunting types.

and thousands more...

Use your child's imagination to empower them, 
fight the monsters with MonsterBGone spray.  
The soothing lavendar scent also helps them sleep.
As children begin to understand abstract concepts, their fears become more complex as well. They're scared of what they can see and of what lurks in their imagination -- the monster under the bed, things that go bump in the night, and what might happen when Mom and Dad aren't nearby.  Since children have a hard time distinguishing fact from fantasy, their bad dreams can feel terrifyingly real.

Don't ignore, devalue, or try to extinguish his fear with phrases like "Big boys don't get scared" or "Don't be a baby." Insensitive putdowns like these will only teach your child that something is wrong with them. Not only will they be afraid of monsters in their bedroom, they'll be afraid to tell you about other things.

According to a study, lavender used for aromatherapy slows down the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, the body system that responds to stress, which allows improved quality of sleep and relaxation.

MonsterBGone spray eliminates up to:

  1. 1250
    Giant Closet Mongers
  2. 1600
    Creepy Corner Lurkers
  3. 1300
    Under Bed Biters
  4. 1450
    Shadow Snatchers

​Usage:  Eliminates most of the 397,298 types of both daytime and nighttime monsters.  Simply spray 3x in the direction of the suspected monster and they instantly disappear.  The spray also creates a barrier preventing that type of monster from returning for up to 72months.  

​Active Ingredient:  ​Dihydrogen monoxide and lavender oil. 

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Zombies, ghosts, goblins, and monsters of all kinds can be terrifying for young children.  Give them a tool to combat those fears. Don't suffer with monsters any longer and finally get the good nights sleep you deserve. Order your MonsterBGone today.



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